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Thongs and Yoga Pants.

Thongs and Yoga Pants.

I have decided to take up yoga again. I had stopped for a while due to swim team, but after that i didn’t start up again. I am rather excited about this! I plan on doing it at least two times a week. So far i have Yoga Tuesday’s and Yoga Wednesday’s. On Tuesdays I will be doing yoga with Allie Sindlinger and James Kern. Lemme tell ya, this is going to be interesting. I have already had one Yoga Wednesday with Lindsay Minder and Mackenzie Teare. It was hilarious. We tried my Yoga Meltdown DVD and almost died. Mixed in with the laughter, farts, and poses, there was also a wedgie for me due to a thong Mackenzie made me wear.

Yoga Wednesday!


Earlier that day, i was excited to purchase my first pair of yoga pants from Victoria’s Secret. I don’t usually wear that type of thing, and i was completely overwhelmed when i walked into the store. I didn’t know how to shop there! Mackenzie showed me the shelves of yoga pants and i almost peed my pants. There were too many options. Sparkly, sequined, crop, legging, crop legging, bootcut. What was i supposed to choose?! I ended up with a pair of not sparkly bootcut yoga pants. Sparkles aren’t my thing. If they are considered sweat pants, i don’t want them to look like dress-up clothes.

While perusing around the store while Mackenzie decided on her own pairs of yoga pants, Lindsay and i sorted through the undies. I found a pair that said, “No Peeking,” and i thought they were pretty funny, but was disappointed when i discovered that it was a thong. I don’t like thongs. They are like having a wedgie all the time! Do you like having wedgies? Neither do i. Kenzie, however, demanded that she buy it for me to wear with my yoga pants, so i accepted (who wouldn’t want a free pair of panties?).

To prepare for yoga, Mackenzie and i had to change into our yoga pants. She also made me put on the thong. And do yoga in the thong. And wear another thong the next day. She said that you get used to them, but i sure didn’t. Every moment i wore that thing, i could track the rate and distance it was moving up my butt. It was not a good time. The only plus, in the process, Mackenzie and my relationship advanced to a whole other level. She saw my bare butt cheeks.

I will never understand how wearing a thong is comfortable, or how you can get used to having a wedgie all the time. But i do understand how girls wear yoga pants. THEY ARE SO COMFY! Along with that, they make your ass look great! I’m not going to lie, i definitely don’t have a donk, i am the proud owner of a dink. But those yoga pants made my booty look hella good. I advise you invest in a pair.

Eye spy me booty.

booty, booty, booty, rockin everywhere

Sarah =]


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  1. the girl in the middle with the blue shirt can get it all night long straight up that booty


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